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Panasonic LC-CA1215PZ1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Item#: 2015


Free Shipping Australia Wide

Panasonic LC-CA1215PZ1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Model No LC-CA1215PZ1
Selling Unit Each
Description Panasonic LC-CA1215PZ1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Cyclic type - Golf Buggy, Mobility scooter, Wheelchair

Main power & Cyclic Use.
Toy, Medical Equipment, Wheel Chair, Golf Buggy

Chemistry Sealed Lead
Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 15000mAh
Brand Panasonic
Termination Faston 250 spade
Width 98mm
Height 94mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 151mm
Weight 4200g
Outer Quantity 4
The LC-CA1215PZ1 (new blue case version replaces black case version LC-CA1215P1)  from Panasonic is a world leading ultra high capacity long life battery suitable for continuous cyclic usage such as golf buggies & mobility aids/motorised scooters.


Termination is via FASTON 250 6.3mm spade terminals.
The battery has the same dimensions as the LC-RA1212P1, LC-RA1215P1 & most other 12-14Ah SLA batteries so offers significantly greater capacity in the same package size whilst being a dedicated cyclic battery.

This VRLA battery is an AGM type. Please ensure the correct charger is used to charge the batteries. To extend overall service life of the battery we recommend the four stage microprocessor controlled Battery Fighter range of chargers. For dedicated cyclic use of the battery we recommend chargers models BFP012 for 12 volt systems & the BFP024 for 24 volt systems (use of two batteries in series).
Use of automotive or gel type chargers may shorten battery life and may not fully charge this battery type. Two or three stage VRLA/AGM chargers are acceptable.

Using non cyclic batteries in cyclic applications will result in a shorter service life compared to cyclic design batteries.
Whilst cyclic batteries are made for continuous use, longer overall service life (number of recharges) will be achieved by recharging before the battery goes flat, even if only a small amount of the batteries charge was used. Leaving a lead type battery flat (voltage is to low to drive equipment) for even as little as 24 hours may reduce run time per charge and the overall service life of the battery.

This battery is not recommended for standby applications. For standby use please use dual purpose models LC-RA1212P! or LC-RA1215P1.

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