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GME UHF Radios

Regardless of whether you’re located deep in the Outback or off-roading far in the forest, a reliable communication system is an absolute must. It is a critical equipment to have for your survival if you encounter serious situations.GME produces a vast range of quality radio equipment and accessories to ensure you’re always in contact no matter where you are. Combining robust, durable electrics with smart, easy-customisation technology, GME is the leader in radios engineered to withstand harsh off-road conditions.

Most Popular GME Radios:

The XRS family of GME UHF radios is known to be one of the most popular due to its ability to use app control and introduces new features such as creating and sharing scan lists. Also allows instant access to the entire Australian and New Zealand registered analogue frequency database. The XRS family is also seen as a smart device since its software upgradeable through the app, ensuring customers are up to date with the latest features and technology.Built-in with a professional-grade speaker microphone featuring a powerful 2-watt speaker, customisable buttons and a sharp contrast OLED screen assuring a crystal clear, anti-glare display.Out of the XRS series, the 330CTP is one of the most popular GME UHF radio products. Why? the 330CTP comes with:

  • Bluetooth Smart Connectivity
  • XRS Connect speaker microphone
  • Microphone clip and radio mounting bracket
  • DC power Lead
  • Screw pack
  • LE040 Mic extension lead
  • AD008 Mic extension adaptor kit
  • Quick start guide

These little add-ons allow the product to be ideal for the average UHF radio user. Furthermore, understanding why the XRS 330CTP is one of the most popular products of the XRS family.

Like the XRS, the TX family comes with an innovative ‘flip’ feature that makes for easy installation and incorporates the latest Digital Signal Processing technology.The GME TX UHF radios is Australian designed and built while also being one of the most advanced UHF Citizen Band radios. TX combines the latest electronic hardware with the most up-to-date computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques to produce an extremely compact mobile radio with unique specifications and performance.The most popular TX UHF radio is the TX4500S, this radio is DIN sized and ideal for installations that require this international size standard. The DIN mounting kit is supplied, and its compact depth design allows for easy installation in confined spaces. The combination of front-facing speaker, large LCD screen, rotary volume, channel and squelch controls, and the advanced features provided by using the latest DSP technology makes the TX4500S the radio of choice for many traditional CB markets.

Benefits of a GME UHF Radio:

 GME Radios Offer Clearer Voice Quality: 

A UHF radio generates signals and amplifies them, resulting in a clearer voice being sent and received. These radios also can remove background noises to further enhance the quality of the voice being transmitted.

Bluetooth Features on The GME UHF Radios: 

The newer generation GME UHF radios are built-in with Bluetooth Smart technology. The XRS Connect range is a fresh generation of connected UHF CB radios with unique features exclusive to GME; including the XRS Connect smartphone app and the recently released, game-changing XRS Connect Location Services smartphone app.

No Charges for Communication: 

The GME radios use radio signals instead of cellular network, therefore not requiring charges. Thus all the communications are free of cost.

UHF Radios Offer a Secure Communication: 

Apart from the multiple features mentioned above, there is one other important feature, security. GME radios are developed to ensure the users can use the product without worrying about safety or privacy. To Conclude, it is the choice and the budget of the user, which allows them to choose which GME UHF radio is best for them.

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