How to get your car going if you have a flat battery

Have you ever been stuck out on the road with a dead car battery, unable to start your car?

I’m sure we have all faced a similar situation.

Either we had left the car lights on while away or had a faulty battery that will not seem to bring our car back to life. 

If your car does not start because of a completely dead battery, you may flag down a vehicle, where a good samaritan can help you jump start your car using jumper leads.

Or the other option would be to call a service like NRMA roadside service or a friend to help out.

But what if neither of these is possible if you’re located in the middle of nowhere.

Needless to say, it can be a nerve-wracking experience to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery with no one to help.

Hail the AMG15! Your personal, Portable Jump Starter to the rescue.

A saviour for your battery, bringing it back to life.

With this nifty device, never be worried about getting stranded with a dead battery again. 

Portable Jump Starters are the easiest way to start a vehicle with a flat battery.

Why AMG15 though?

Now, you’ll find that there’s a whole range of portable jump starters on the market. But I find the features of the AMG15 is perfect for my needs and just a little nifty pack that gets the job done.

It’s a Jump-starter 

As in its name, the jump starter is able to Quickly start up a dead 12v battery of a petrol vehicle just in seconds. 

This feature is a lifesaver, especially if you’re in a rush to be somewhere and have a flat battery.

Its Size

The JumpsPower jump starter is the world’s smallest and thinnest design with a weight of only 595g; 40 times lighter than any traditional jump starter. 

Meaning you can carry this where ever you travel, making your life 40 times easier.

It’s a Power Bank

Imagine being able to charge your phone while charging up your vehicle. How convenient is that! 

With the JumpsPower jump starter, you can charge all brands of portable electronic devices quickly.

It’s a torch

Let’s say you got stuck at night with a dead battery and no source of light, well, no need to worry if you got one of these lying around.

These bad boys come with a built-in LED emergency light just in case your battery dies during the night.

High Capacity battery pack 

The battery pack has a whopping 15000mAh which is enough to charge a phone five times in a row. 

15000 milliamps an hour is seen as a higher-end capacity battery pack which ensures its many capabilities. 

All this power will not only last a long time but will also ensure some extremely powerful charging for all devices.

Use of Japanese Chipset 

The AMG15 has been installed with a special Japanese chipset that gives a battery standby time of up to 12 months.

Standby batteries are meant to act as an emergency power source where the primary power source has failed for some reason.

Battery Life Cycle 

The battery of the AMG15 can last up to 1000+ cycles, meaning you can use this product over a thousand times until it stops working. Every battery has a life cycle.

The cycle life of batteries is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can complete before losing performance. 

The cycle life of Lithium batteries is affected significantly by the depth of discharge. 

The depth of discharge is the amount of a battery’s storage capacity that is utilised. 

Input Charging System

When the JumpsPower jump starter runs out of charge, all you need is a USB 2A cable to continue using this fantastic product. 

The USB 2A is a fast-charging cable that guarantees your jump starter to charge fast.

Less time plugged in for charging means more time with your device on the go.

Dual Reverse Polarity Protection and over-charge/over-discharge protection

These features are a safety precaution in order not to cause any damage to the battery that’s being jump-started. 

What is reverse polarity protection or over-charge protection? 

Reverse polarity protection is an internal circuit that makes sure the battery is not damaged if the power supply polarity has been reversed. 

If polarity had been reversed, the circuit cuts off power to any sensitive electronic circuits.

And overcharge protection is to stop the battery from charging more than it should which is a safety hazard as it can cause a fire. 

This is done by using a lithium battery within the jump starter.


The jumps power AMG15 will get you out of trouble when you’re in the stickiest of situations. 

Not only would it start your car when you have a flat battery, but also be a handy power source for all your other 12v devices.

….Do you have a flat tire as well? No worries….

Take out your AMG15 and connect it to the 12-volt outlet on your compressor, and presto the AMG powers got you out of trouble.

One thing to keep in mind and most importantly, this product is meant to be kept in your car, it has no purpose sitting in your garage.

Overall, the price of the AMG15 is a perfect budget jump starter that will get you out of any situation on the road.

If you have any further questions or want to purchase this product, visit AMG15 Portable JumpsPower Jump Starter or contact us at (02) 9863 0668