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Item#: 1875

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Description Video & Camcorder Battery
Application Video & Camcorder
Original Brand PANASONIC
Chemistry Sealed LEAD
Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 2300mAh
Brand Master (this battery is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Width 24mm
Height 61mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 182mm
Weight 800g

LB-VWVBM10  Suites:

Brand Type Model
Canon battery BP-10 
Canon battery BP-100 
Canon battery BP-10A 
Canon battery BP-30 
Canon battery BP-30A 
Canon battery BP-31 
Canon battery BP-32 
Canon battery BT-30A 
Chinon battery BP-80 
Chinon battery CV-BP80 
Chinon battery CV-BP82 
Chinon battery CV-BP88 
Dual Voltage battery DV1919-P 
Empire battery EPP-100C 
G.E. battery 1CVA125 
G.E. battery 1CVA155 
JVC battery BN-B90GU 
JVC battery BN-V90 
Magnavox battery AR8378BK01 
Magnavox battery AR8390BK01 
Magnavox battery V80039BK01 
Magnavox battery V80086BK01 
Maxell battery M1220 
Panasonic battery AG-BP212 
Panasonic battery AGBP212 
Panasonic battery EPK1185 
Panasonic battery LC-S2012 
Panasonic battery LC-S2312 
Panasonic battery LC-SA122R3BU 
Panasonic battery LC-SA122R3CU 
Panasonic battery LCS2312A 
Panasonic battery LCTP1912AP 
Panasonic battery PV-BP80 
Panasonic battery PV-BP88 
Panasonic battery PV-BP88-A 
Panasonic battery PV-BP88-B 
Panasonic battery VBVB30E 
Panasonic battery VSBS0011 
Panasonic battery VW-VB30 
Panasonic battery VW-VB31 
Panasonic battery VW-VBM10 
Panasonic battery VW-VBM1U 
Panasonic battery VW-VBM7E 
Panasonic battery VWVBM10EN 
Panasonic battery VWVBM7E 
Philips battery 22AV5591 
Philips battery AR8378BK01 
Philips battery AR8395BK01 
Philips battery SBC5215 
Philips battery V80039BK01 
Philips battery V80086BK01 
Polaroid battery PR-1220LA 
Powersonic battery PS1223 
Quasar battery VE-257 
Quasar battery VE-551 
Quasar battery VE-551XE 
RCA battery 1CVA115 
RCA battery 1CVA155 
Rosslare battery RS6500 
Saft battery RC-1220 
Saft battery RC-1221 
Satter battery 06PN20 
Sharp battery BT76 
Sylvania battery AR8378BK01 
Sylvania battery AR8395BK01 
Sylvania battery V80039BK01 
Sylvania battery V80086BK01 
Telepower battery TP-2312 
Varta battery V12 
Zenith battery VAC-905 
Canon Camera CR-30A 
Canon Camera F1000S 
Canon Camera VC10 
Canon Camera VC10A 
Canon Camera VC20 
Canon Camera VC30 
Canon Camera VR10 
Canon Camera VR20A 
Canon Camera VR30 
Canon Camera VR40 
Canon Camera VR50 
Chinon Camera CV-765 
Chinon Camera CV-770 
Chinon Camera CV-C70 
Chinon Camera CV-T124 
Chinon Camera CV-T60 
Chinon Camera CV-T608 
Chinon Camera CV-T60G 
Chinon Camera CV-T65 
Chinon Camera CV-T7 
Chinon Camera CV-T70 
Chinon Camera CV-T72 
Chinon Camera CV-T73 
Chinon Camera CV-T74 
Chinon Camera CV-T80 
Chinon Camera CVC-800 
Curtis Mathes Camera 768
Curtis Mathes Camera 770
Curtis Mathes Camera 772
Curtis Mathes Camera 773
Curtis Mathes Camera AV-800 
Curtis Mathes Camera BV-800 
Curtis Mathes Camera BV-880 
Curtis Mathes Camera CV-800 
Curtis Mathes Camera CV-820 
Curtis Mathes Camera HV-768 
Curtis Mathes Camera HV-770 
Curtis Mathes Camera HV-773 
Curtis Mathes Camera PV-800 
Curtis Mathes Camera QD00004 
G.E. Camera 1CVA125 
G.E. Camera 1CVA155 
G.E. Camera 1CVD3020X 
G.E. Camera 1CVD4020X 
G.E. Camera 1CVD4021 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5021 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5021X 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5022 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5023 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5024 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5025 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5025B 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5025X 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5026 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5027 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5028 
G.E. Camera 1CVD5028B 
G.E. Camera 1CVK5040 
G.E. Camera 1CVM8080 
G.E. Camera 1CVP4024 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5021 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5022B 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5022BX 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5024 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5026X 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5027 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5028B 
G.E. Camera 1CVP5030 
G.E. Camera 1CVP6022 
G.E. Camera 1CVP6024 
G.E. Camera 1CVP6026 
G.E. Camera 1CVP6028 
G.E. Camera 1CVP6030 
G.E. Camera 5036
G.E. Camera 5200
G.E. Camera 5424
G.E. Camera 5426
G.E. Camera 5428
G.E. Camera 5430
G.E. Camera 5440
G.E. Camera 5442
G.E. Camera 5740
G.E. Camera 5747


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