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Spy/Listening Devices

At Gadgetcity we stock a wide range of spy listening devices, mini wireless listening devices, bugging devices, remote listening devices with SD cards for storage, GPS trackers, vehicle trackers, voice recorders, male to female or vice versa voice changers, and wifi pet trackers. If it's a listening device you need for whatever purpose, GadgetCity offers a number of  Wireless Listening solutions. For instance the LightningCell product  is used for Audio Monitoring Applications and has 15dbm microphone that is able to pick-up whispers within two meters away.

As simple and powerful as possible from a handheld listening device, the LIGHTNINGCELL WALL CONTACT MICROPHONE AUDIO LISTENING gadget can let you hear conversations through walls and other barriers.
The LIGHTNINGCELL GPS TRACKER 3G with CAMERA APP CONTROLLING, with GPS SATELLITE, SOS and TALK features allow one to track for situationsto beyond the functionalities of using a spy listening bug

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