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Cordless Phone Battery CTB59 - Uniden+ Panasonic & more


Cordless Phone Replacement Battery CTB59 suitable for Uniden, Panasonic & Sony models including:


BT-800, BT-905, SSE15, XS1210, XS1215, XS915, XS916, XSA1255, XSA955, XSA965, XSR917, XSR918


KX-FC175AL, KX-TC1801B, KX-TC1851AL, KX-TC1851B, KX-TC1871ALB, KX-TC1871B, KX-TC1890B, KX-TG2403, KX-TG2501ALS, KX-TG2503AL, KX-TG2551ALS, KX-TG2553, KX-TG2563, KX-TG2581ALS, KX-TG2583AL, KX-TG2583ALB, KX-TG2583ALF, KX-TG2583ALS, KX-TG2593, N4HKGMB00001, P-P508, P-P508A, P-P508T, P-P510, P-P510A kx-fc175al


 SPP-A9276, SPP-A957, SPP-A967, SPP-S9226, SPP-SS951, SPP-SS955, SPP-SS961, SPP-SS965, SPP-SS966, BP-T24 

Brand New, 1100mAh, NiCd, 24 Months Warranty s7253 panasonic dicksmith model

Authorised reseller for Uniden, GME, Oricom, Garmin, CTEK, EnGenius, Telstra, Lutron, Swann

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