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TrunkTracker IV (Motorola APCO 25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS, LTR)
This Handheld Digital Scanner has an excellent frequency range of over 25000 programmable memory channels and is certified for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The device is ideal for both professionals or scanning enthusiasts. The UBCD396T with TrunkTracker IV™ Technology, allows you to follow the action on the four major types of trunked radio systems: APCO 25 Digital1, Motorola, EDACS (including EDACS ESK systems) and LTR. These systems can be tracked on virtually all bands and all configurations, including narrowband systems.
If you are after a Police scanner, a scanner for Marine, Railroad or scanner for the Air, this is the scanning unit for you. The UBCD396XT is equipped with a host of new features including g.p.s  Support for location based scanning, location alerts, and crows flight navigation. It is also equipped with Band Scope which is ideal to see a graphic repesentation of signal activity. By connecting an optional G.P.S Antenna2 your scanner will automatically turn systems and channel groups on and off as you change locations. You never have to take your eyes from the road again!
The UBCD396XT offers "Close Call RF Capture Technology" this scanner automatically "Listens" for any nearby or "close" transmissions and once they occur the scanner immediately tunes in to this frequency which is ideal for use at events or locations when the transmission is unknown. The UBCD396T is a state-of-the-art digital scanner radio with TrunkTracker IV™ and automatic scanning capabilities.
With 8 Service Searches, you can store frequencies such as Police, Marine, Railroad, Air, CB Radio, UHF CB Radio, Racing and FM Broadcast searches and other communications into the scanner. Carry the UBCD396XT with you wherever you go, use it at home as a base unit, or carry it in your vehicle as a mobile unit. You can also use the scanner's scroll control to quickly select channels and frequencies, or similarly automatically program channels in a system using the Auto-Store feature.
The UBCD396XT has a Backlit LCD Display for easy viewing at night or in low light situations.
The UBCD396XT digital scanner comes with some great accessories including an Antenna.
Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Specially Certified for Australian and New Zealand Market
25000 Channels
Location-Based Scanning
Close Call™ RF Capture With Temporary Autostore And Do-Not-Disturb
TrunkTracker IV: Motorola APCO 25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS (including EDACS ESK systems) and LTR
Band Scope
Key-Safe Feature
IF Exchange
7 Service Searches
- UHF CB Radio
- Marine
- Railroad
- Air
- CB Radio
- Racing
- TV Broadcast
- FM Broadcast
Custom Search
100 Quick Key System Access
Adjustable Band Defaults
Supported Step Sizes
Band Coverage
- 25MHz to 1.3GHz
- 25MHz to 520MHz
- 758MHz to 960MHz
DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode
Temporary Lockout
500 (250 Temporary + 250 Permanent) Search Lockouts
Startup Configuration
Frequency/ID AutoStore
Character Text Tagging
Analog & Digital
Quick Search
3 Quick-Access Search Keys
Fire Tone Out alert & search
Channel Alert
Independent Alert Tone Volume
Strong Signal Attenuation: 20db nominal
Repeater Reverse
Upgradeable Firmware
Multi Colour LCD Backlight
Battery Level Display
Battery Saver
Antenna Connector: SMA (w/BNC Adapter)
UBCD396XT Dimensions (without Antenna):
136 (H) mm x 61 (W) mm x 31 (D) mm
UBCD396XT Weight (without Battery & Antenna): 167g
And More!
1 x UBCD396XT
1 x Antenna 
1 x SMA to BNC Adaptor 
1 x AC Adaptor 
1 x Data Transfer Cable 
1 x Wrist Strap 
1 x Belt Clip
3 x AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries and
1 x Owner's Manual (CD-ROM)
Additional Features:
External Jacks
- Antenna Jack: SMA Type
- Phone Jack: 3.5mm Stereo Type
- DC Power Jack: EIAJ TYPE-II (Centre Positive)
- G.P. S /Remote Interface Jack: 4pin Mini Type
Audio Output Power:
- 310mW nominal into 24Ω speaker
- 20mW nominal into 32Ω stereo headphone
Internal Speaker: 24Ω, 0.8W Max 32mm
Scan Rate Max: 100 Channels per sec (Conventional Mode)
Max Search Speed: 300 Steps per sec (5kHz steps only)
Operating Temperature
- Nominal: -20°C - +60°C
- Close Call: -10°C - +60°C
Power Requirements:
- 3 x AA Size Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (2300mAh)
- 3 x AA Size Alkaline Batteries
- AC Adapter (6V DC 800mA Regulated) (PS-S0680BL2)
Remote Functions:
- Direct PC Control*
- Database Management
- Wired Cloning
Display: 64 x 128 Full Dot Matrix LCD with Multi Colour Backlight
1 Digital unencrypted only.
2 Compatible G.P.S Antenna Required.
* PC Control Software – Free, 3rd Party Software is available online by searching the internet. Uniden does NOT provide this software.

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